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Our Practice

Frequently, persons in need of dental care, both adults and children, are very apprehensive and even fearful of receiving care.  This may very well occur because of previous negative dental experiences or no prior dental experience.  At our dental studio, we have developed a practice where we recognize this apprehension or fear.  Together we will overcome this condition!  With our team’s experience, skills, knowledge and compassion, we have developed a physical environment and a collective personality directed toward positive patient experiences.


From the moment you contact us or visit our studio, you will receive a new approach to dental services.  We, with you, will become trusted partners in your dental care.  You will receive all of the information you need to make choices regarding your treatment program.  This will take place in the comfort of our dental studio where we have created a warmly-decorated receptive atmosphere.  You will enjoy soothing music, television if you choose as well as other pleasing amenities. 


Dental health is essential in providing good overall health to the whole body as well as good mental health resulting from the self-confidence of a beautiful smile.  Experience has taught us that each of our patients has constraints such as time, occupational commitments, etc. in their lives. In consultation, we will be flexible in arranging our care program.  We take pleasure in accommodating new patients, patients in emergency settings and patients who are in need of financial arrangements.  To us every patient is unique and this is reflected in our care. Dentistry, as in all sciences, is moving forward in quantum leaps of technology, treatment materials and treatment applications  Our team meets these advances eagerly and uses them throughout our treatment programs.  We work aggressively with an array of dental specialties such as dental implant science to formulate collaborative patient treatments.. 


Our practice is extensive in the art of cosmetic bonding often used to treat worn or sensitive teeth.  At other times, we use these skills to mask stained or discolored teeth and also misaligned teeth.  A full description of our extensive experience and artistic approach may be had by visiting our Procedures Link above.  We would also encourage you to read the testimonials of practice given by some of our patients which may be accessed in Testimonials above.





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